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Maryland law requires separation for one year before filing for divorce UNLESS you can prove adultery - then you can file for an Absolute Divorce immediately.

Most adultery cases are proven by circumstantial evidence, which means that you have to establish that your spouse had the DISPOSITION and the OPPORTUNITY to commit adultery.

DISPOSITION - Public displays of affection, including holding hands, hugging, kissing between a spouse and paramour shows adulterous disposition

OPPORTUNITY - Showing your spouse was with the paramour in a private place, such as the paramour's residence and that they were alone

That's where we come in - we can help you obtain pertinent information for court and we will testify on your behalf with our findings.

Infants and Children
Knowing that your child is in good hands at all times is a great sense of relief for any parent. When your child is in their mother or father's custody, are they being taken care of properly? Find out what your child's activities are, identify unknown visitors at the residence or make sure your child isn't left alone.

Find out if your teens are where they are supposed to be -use GPS tracking device on your vehicle to monitor speed and locations.

Once you file your complaint for divorce, due process of law requires that the copies of the complaint and summons be served on your spouse. This is called service of process. Maryland Rule 2-121 provides several different ways to accomplish service of process.

  1. Service of the suit papers to your spouse by a sheriff or private process server.
  2. Service of the suit papers to your spouse's residence with a resident of suitable age and discretion.
  3. By mailing the suit papers certified mail requesting "Restricted Delivery–show to whom, date, address of delivery."
  4. When served outside of Maryland, in addition to the above, by any other manner permitted by the other jurisdiction, if reasonably calculated to give actual notice.

The court will also accept service upon a party's attorney if the attorney is authorized to accept service on behalf of that party. If a defendant files a response, that shows they have notice of the case and service of process is not required.

Once the suit papers have been served, the sheriff or private process server will provide an Affidavit of Service to the court (you may also request a copy, as well as your attorney).

Call us today - we will serve your court paper promptly and professionally - call for rates!

***seek the advice and assistance of an attorney***

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